Kitchen salt

Salt is a very precious raw material. We need it for our bodies to function normally. Salt can be found everywhere even in our tears and blood.

Our care for the consumer is based upon constant modernisation of the production technology and quality control of our products where special attention is devoted to the process of iodizing. There, we collaborate with the National Chemical Institute in Ljubljana.

The kitchen sea salt is ground in thick and fine grain size, and is dried in order to contain moisture less than 0,5 %.

Its characteristics of looseness is to be noticed in this connection. In the market, it can be bought in following packing forms:

  • Cardboard box: packs of 1 kg,
  • PE bags: 1 kg and 1/2 kg packs,
  • PE bags: 8 kg, 25 kg, and 50 kg packs,
  • Strewers: 100 g and 250 g packs.

Product pictures