Road de-icing salt

De-icing of roads with sea salt in winter conditions reduces the occurrence of slippery road ice, and in general it improves the safe driving conditions.

Owing to its packing in sacks / bags it is adequate also for preventive de-icing of factory yards, schoolyards, kindergarten yards, and private home yards.

The MA.CO.T. road de-icing salt is available and can be delivered in bulk as well or in PE bags of 8, 25, or 50 kg.

On that occasion, we can deliver you also dried salt for winter road maintenance being transported in cisterns and kept in silos.

The above mentioned salt is delivered by us in various grain sizes depending on requests and needs of the customer, and on technical requirements.

Thanks to its equipment, we are in position to fulfil in time and within the quality standards all tasks with respect to reliability of deliveries also during the critical weather conditions.

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