About us


The company MA.CO.T. is engaged with processing and packing of sea salt. It was established in 1989. Yearly we process and store over 100.000 tons of salt. Its processed form is being sold by us on the Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian and Bosnian markets.

Our market offer:

Process and packaging

  • economy zone Luka Koper (4.000 m2),
  • industrial zone Kukuljanovo pri Rijeki (3.000 m2),
  • industrial zone Čaporice pri Trilju near Split (3.000 m2).

All facilities are equipped with appropriate equipment for:

  • milling and sowing,
  • drying,
  • adding of various doses of additives,
  • packing,
  • wrapping of cardboard boxes with foil,
  • warehousing and manipulation.

Product quality

At company MA.CO.T. we devote great attention to the quality of our products. The raw materials for our production are coming from the cleanest coasts of Mediterranean, far away from industry and big cities.

The quality of salt is checked in our own laboratory that is completely equipped with the latest technology for performance of sea salt analyses. In this process, we also collaborate with experts from the Ljubljana Chemical Institute.

Thanks to the capability and equipment as mentioned before, we can easily meet the requirements from our most demanding customers.

Salt over time

Looking back into the history of mankind reveals that salt manufacture has ever since been an esteemed activity mainly owing to the importance of salt as unreplaceable additive to human food.

The sea salt has been fabricated in old Egypt already. Its healing effects were well known also to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The SEA SALT was an inevitable part of the load in all caravans travelling in the medieval ages from the Mediterranean coast to the inland.

Today, after hundreds of years of development and introduction of modern technology salt is still not a replaceable item, same it used to be before. We, at MA.CO.T. are also well aware of that fact.